Papers Published Volume 1 Issue 2 July 2011 Print

Papers Published

Volume - 1 Issue - 2, July 2011

Designing of An Educational Resource "The Microprocessor Technics"

Authors: H. Vakhtina, A. Vostrukhin
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M1-072011

Overview of Top-k Query Processing in Relational Databases

Authors : Neha Singh, P. K. Pandey, Anil Kumar Tiwary
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M2-072011

Assorted Approaches for Security, Integrity and Performance in Internet Banking Applications

Authors: Amit Sharma
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M108-072011

Implementation of Microcontroller Based Driver Circuit for Plasma Display Panel
Authors: P. Saravanan, P. A. Balakrishnan
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M3-072011

Human Resource Management in Small Scale Pharmaceutical Industry in Madhya Pradesh
Authors : P. C. Narware
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M4-072011

Competitive advantage Through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Enabled Supply Chain management Practices
Authors : Gyaneshwar Singh Kushwaha
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M5-072011

A Novel Secure, Imperceptible and Robust CDMA Digital Image Watermarking in JPEG-YCBCR Channel using DWT2
Authors : Mehdi Khalili
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M6-072011

Evaluating the Impact of Different Types of Inheritance on the Object Oriented Software Metrics
Authors: Arti Chhikara, R.S.Chhillar, Sujata Khatri
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M7-072011

A Study on Consumer Behaviour
Authors : K. Abraham
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M8-072011

Design, Development and Performance Evaluation of Low Cost, Low Power Internet Controlled Home Automation System (Hasy) Based on 89c51cc03 - can Networking MCU
Authors: A.M. Agarkar, Savita B. Wagare
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M9-072011

Cloud Computing: An Analysis
Authors: Thakur Ramjiram Singh, Sachin Kamley, Sushil Kumar Verma
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M10-072011

Antenna Miniaturization using Fractal Antenna and its Design
Authors: Munish Kumar, Trisha Garg
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M11-072011

Analysis of Organisational Stress and their Remedies – a Comparative Study of NTPC Unit of Delhi and Faridabad
Authors : Sonal Pathak
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M12-072011

Social Media and its Role in Marketing
Authors : Sisira Neti
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M13-072011

Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography on Text and Image

Authors: Megha M. Kolhekar, Anita S. Jadhav

Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M14-072011

Promotion of Small Scale Industries

Authors: Dr. G. Vijaya Bharathi, Dr. P. Subbalakshumma, Mr. P. Harinatha Reddy
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M15-072011

Production and Marketing Efficiency of Dairy Farms in High Land of Ethiopia - An Economic Analysis

Authors : Dr. R.Dayanandan
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M16-072011

Agro E-Government in India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Authors: Dr. V. R. Salkute, Dr. S. R. Kolhe
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M17-072011

E-government Milestones in Rural India: E-Agro Aspects

Authors : Dr. V. R. Salkute, Dr. S. R. Kolhe
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M18-072011

Recruiters’ priorities in placing MBA fresher: An Empirical Analysis

Authors : Sangeeta Mohanty
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M19-072011

Searching Query by Color Content of an Image Using Independent Component Analysis

Authors : Arti Khaparde, Nidhi Jain, Suprabha Mantha, Namburi Sravanthi Chowdary
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M20-072011

Role of Information Technology in enhancing the effective functioning of Indian Financial system: An Empirical Study

Authors : R. Jayaraman, M. S. Ramaratnam
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M21-072011

Paradigm Shift in Management Education : Need of the Hour
Authors : Dr. Radha Gupta
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M22-072011

Developing Security Metrics for Information Security Measurement System

Authors : Kavita Arora, Deepti Juneja, Sonia Duggal
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M23-072011

Lens shaping for Impulse Antenna used for Microwave Applications

Authors : N.S.Murthy Sharma, M.Chakrapani and M.L.N. Acharyulu
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M24-072011

Balancing Load for Optimal Performance of Data Center

Authors : Karthik Narayan M, Shantharam Nayak, Annamma Abraham
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M25-072011

E-Service Intelligence in Web Mining

Authors: S. P. Shinde, S. S. Kapase, S. R. Mulik
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M26-072011

Camera Calibration Technique using TSAI's Algorithm

Authors: Manoj Gupta,Suchi Upadhyay, S.K.Singh, Ashok K. Nagawat
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M27-072011

Single Machine Scheduling with Distict Due Dates Under Fuzzy Environment

Authors : Sunita Gupta
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M28-072011

This Way or that Way - A Re-look at Some Popular Formulae in Finance and Costing

Authors : Shirish Raibagkar
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M29-072011

Intelligent Illumination System to Prevail Over Possible Diseases Due to Over- and Under-Illumination

Authors : Jitendra S. Edle, Prof. Ajay P. Thakare, A. M. Agarkar
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M31-072011

Faculty Recruitment and Retention: A Key for Managing Talent in Higher Education

Authors : Dolly Lavania, Himanshu Sharma, Nidhi Gupta
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M32-072011

Counselling: A Key Tool for Today’s Managers

Authors : Dr. Anubha Ray
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M33-072011

Emerging Cloud Computing

Authors : Abu Sarwar Zamani
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M34-072011

Effect of Distance Measures in PCA Based Face Recognition

Authors : Mini Singh Ahuja, Sumit Chhabra
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M35-072011

Leech Serpentine Hybrid Algorithm for Packet Transmission in Trust Architecture

Authors: Dr. S. N. Panda, Gaurav Kumar
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M36-072011

Leech Serpentine Hybrid Algorithm for Packet Transmission in Trust Architecture

Authors :Dr. S. N. Panda, Gaurav Kumar
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M36-072011

A Comparative Study of Performance Measurement in Selected Professional Management Institutions : A Case Study of Karad City

Authors: V. P. Deshmukh, S. P. Shinde, H. N. Renushe, N.R.Jadhav
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M37-072011

Image Fusion Algorithm Based on Biorthogonal Wavelet

Authors: Prakash NK
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M38-072011

Green Information Technology: A Strategy To Become Socially Responsible Software Organization

Authors: Minita Sinha
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M39-072011

Detecting and Preventing IP Spoofed Attack by Hashed Encryption

Authors: Pavan Yadav, Vimal Upadhyay
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M41-072011

Analysis of Literature Review of Consumption pattern – An Important Indicator of Economic Development

Authors: Debjani Banerjee, Dr Shraddha Shivani
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M42-072011

Comparative study of distribution of Indian Stock markets with other Asian Markets

Authors: Nupur Gupta, Dr. Vijay Agarwal
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M43-072011

Analysis and Study of Incremental DBSCAN Clustering Algorithm
Authors: Sanjay Chakraborty, N. K. Nagwani
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M44-072011

Security and Ethical Issues in IT: An Organization’s Perspective
Authors: Devendra Kumar Tiwary
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M45-072011

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps based Cricket Player Performance Evaluator
Authors: Gursharan Singh, Nitin Bhatia, Sawtantar Singh
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M46-072011

Web Search Engines Evaluation based on Features and End-User Experience
Authors: Maninder Kaur, Nitin Bhatia, Sawtantar Singh
Paper ID : ISSN22308849-V1I2M47-072011